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5 Apps All You Young Adults Need To Get

5 Apps All You Young Adults Need To Get

Wednesday, 27 January 2016
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A picture is worth a thousand words. Lies! You just wanna see how many likes you get. There’s also how easy you can stalk that future #WCW or #MCM or just even pass time watching funny videos or endless memes in that boring lecture room or meeting. If you’re not Instagram you may be a couple years late but have a try, its a good waste of time.


Even your boss spends endless time on this here app forgetting that he is supposed to reply to your email about additional leave days. HINT; (to WhatsApp that is) please enable “leave group in incognito mode”. Here’s the thing though don’t send messages to potential employers on this app. That’s not professional at all. CONCENTRATE! You really don’t want to send the wrong message to the wrong person or group. (cough!! Bro Ocholla)


This is the new kid on the block, who reminds us of how many years we have spent on social media. Users take “Snaps ” . These consist of videos and photographs, that have a set time limit on them. In theory this means that whatever you post up in this app disappears from the internet after a few seconds. At least these are the claims by the App admin. You may need this app at some point young Jedi’s.


It’s 2016 you really don’t need to have a car. After all, we are over carpooling With this service you could even send your date an Uber or have him or her dropped after your date (if you catch my drift). This is an app that’s taking the taxi game to a new level. Get the app already! Everyone is using it even your favorite socialite.


No lie, this is where it all began. The other day I saw an old man in his seventies going through his Facebook. Lets call it what it is; It’s an app to share those cat videos and see what that cousin who you don’t like is doing. Show the love! After all, you have had that conversation that starts “I saw on Facebook that.”

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