BPM 33 – Dj Simplesimon
BAM BAM MEGGA MIX (Bam Bam / murder she wrote Riddim)

BAM BAM MEGGA MIX (Bam Bam / murder she wrote Riddim)

Friday, 05 August 2016


  1. franciyoan stone says:

    dura dura la vieja guardia joder lo mejor music premium

  2. Joshua Valenz says:

    can someone tell me what’s the song on 6:25 I’ve been looking it for years

  3. Diego Lopez says:

    No aparecen buenos vídeos

  4. Miguel Lopez says:

    Pls the link to download those musics

  5. Matthew Akpobome says:


  6. Jose Francisco says:

    Funny song! drug to my ears, I am reassured 🙂

  7. Divine Roberto says:

    what is the song for the long of this song?

  8. dee hart says:

    who sings da 1 affta Nardo Ranks

  9. Carlos Henrique says:

    umas das musica, chama-se ” chaka demurs e pliers “

  10. DNDR66MILLS says:

    Brent Dowe River of boblylon

  11. xErickAcuña says:

    como se llama la cancion name music plis

  12. Rin Rin says:

    like like like!

  13. xxEJSubaru20xx says:

    Dem A Bleach – Nardo Ranks

  14. jorge emilio peña diaz says:

    1st song named rebers of babilon

  15. ELSOWER1 says:

    hey pal i’ve been looking for the name of the song that it is on minute
    5:20 what it is the original name of that song please help me out with that

  16. Cajmonet1 says:

    woot wooo

  17. Dolorousness says:

    Used to be interstitial music on Rockers, the esteemed WERS Reggae program
    , which in its heyday ran from 5-8 pm weekdays–it’s heyday being the
    late-90’s in my opinion IRIE LA–where did you go ??

  18. dreadantonee says:

    most inspired mix of the riddim for me lol big up selecta 😉

  19. jdmluisp says:

    whats the first song calld?

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