BPM 33 – Dj Simplesimon
Bam Bam (Riddim Mix)

Bam Bam (Riddim Mix)

Thursday, 04 August 2016


  1. Dayana Martinez Silverio says:


  2. Paris Bradshaw-Vanderbilt says:

    Wait deh man, a who dat a cum. Wait deh man unu think me did dun. ⚡️✨🔫

  3. Gustavo Lucas Ramos says:

    trapézio descendente é ele que nos vamo buscar

  4. suzanne roberge says:


  5. Trill Rico says:

    If you’re from the Carribean you got to love and appreciate the music from
    all the islands. I’m from Puerto Rico I love reggae. Carribean Connection.

    • ashleemachado says:

      love this comment im rican and love reggae and carribean music

    • ViniBoneto says:

      +MissJoyner97 That’s beacuse of lenguage issues. In hispanic caribean they
      speak the same language as most of latin america. US brazilians are often
      acused by “hispanic” latin americans of living in our own world,culturally
      interacting very little with than and not caring to know their cultures
      etc… but the thruth is that language impose a natural barrier to non
      hispanic latin americans and non hispanic caribeans to their “hispanic

    • MissJoyner97 says:

      thanks viniboneto. Lot of spanich caribean ( cuba, santo domingo and puerto
      rico) people say that we are latin. hum no ! you are caribbean who likes
      latin attitude. not us. we are together for every thing, a real fereation
      of our nation ( english/french Carib) and the spanish are always apart

    • ViniBoneto says:

      +kukulcan-ser Caribean is not “latin” my friend LOL But of course hispanic
      caribean have many connections both with latin america and with “anglo”
      caribean (y)

    • kukulcan-ser says:

      +Eddie Bravo México enjoying caribbean rithym! in our latin blood brother!

  6. Antalya Walters says:

    Nice jamaican music

  7. CATRACHO TEXAS420 says:


  8. La yogi Ortega says:


  9. jochi noboa says:

    el mejor tirmo desde Republica Dominicana !! 2016

  10. Nicolas Ramirez says:

    chilean dancehallsoul repesent!!

  11. neil day says:

    bam bam

  12. Joanmanuel Velezcastillo says:


  13. Louis corloene says:

    weeeeepa, nice mix

  14. Manoel Netoo says:


  15. Juan Carlos Grabriel says:

    musica de reales Reyes

  16. Larissa Carla says:

    music 3:00 ???

  17. Alejandro Flores says:

    eso es clasico

  18. Michael Jose says:

    old school rock

  19. sidoine tenek' says:

    the best one

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