BPM 33 – Dj Simplesimon
Cloud Nine Riddim

Cloud Nine Riddim

Wednesday, 07 September 2016


  1. Alex Mcmanus says:

    this will be the song to me n my lady’s first wedding dance, truss me big

  2. s-k Iga says:

    love this mix always love the riddim

  3. Joseph Yarde says:

    How then, do u call this “Guardian Angel Riddim” and it is compiled with a
    whole set of things that do not sound like the name states???????

  4. Victor Kaneka says:

    Madd tune dis!

  5. andy barona says:

    D badess wick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jeanette Shokoff says:

    <3 this song

  7. SCOTT SEYMOUR says:

    do ya ting boss, rep da 339! big up

  8. Troy Sutherland says:

    blackmoney ent , love dis tune, make a nice sunday afternoon, kick n listen

  9. inivibesn says:

    Shabba…wicked playlist…

  10. inivibesn says:

    Summer ’12’

  11. Dancehall & Reggae TV says:


  12. Raquel Mills says:

    mi luv dis RIDDIM!!!!!!!!

  13. I'm Wrighteous says:

    Where is ‘Book of Life’?

  14. senari says:

    errup n gyptian….madd it up…..

  15. Rachael Green says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  16. Silvia Njoki says:

    amazing stuff !!

  17. glen hobson says:

    still got it in 2k11

  18. seanslik1 says:

    anyone can help me get the instrumental

  19. manassehd says:

    @kingarthur10bc did u find the instrumental to this yet??

  20. uwldluvme21 says:

    Great mix all tha songs I luv

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