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Day break Riddim Mix

Day break Riddim Mix

Monday, 05 September 2016

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Medley based on the "Day break" Riddim featuring :
1.fambo – out
2.chino feat wayne marshall – danger
3.elephant man – wine up pon me
4.mavado – nah bleach with cream
5.aidonia – bruk it off
6.vybz kartel – tightest punani
7.vybz kartel – broad daylight
8.voicemail – jump off
9.anthony b – run up pon them

Produced by Stephen 'Genius' McGregor .


  1. jhedSash Edwards says:

    from u play di mavado n nuh play di kartel after no vybz nuh deh here

  2. Nelson Urban says:

    teacha tek it

  3. Jermain Roberts says:

    i think he is the dj outa yard right now

  4. MostEnigmatic says:

    the first guy I used to think was Elephant Man

  5. Grim Reaper says:

    aidonia is baddest ting pon dis riddim man !!! sus croissssss

  6. Grim Reaper says:

    aidonia kill it doa…

  7. Excidus1 says:


  8. richirich1998 says:

    dangerkid yuh songs bad a jordan america mi di big andre and canega and

  9. kavan lue says:

    movado tek di riddim

  10. MrShockre says:

    Rokaj riddim do jaja

  11. Raiderzz GamezZ says:

    Kartel Kill it Gaza!!!!!!!

  12. DahliaRich says:

    sorry mavado kill did one…..gangsta nuh bleach wit cream!!!!!

  13. gyalahmadova says:

    Mavado took it .

  14. kavan lue says:


  15. Dcoder says:

    dancing inna di club dat’ wer ah saw her… romantic? 🙂

  16. Prissy E says:

    I Wanna Know Those Words To Voicemail Jumpoff = Lyrics ! ?

  17. Thug4u3 says:


  18. mrjcage2 says:


  19. Sheerel Gordon says:

    Vybz & Aidonia owned it.

  20. TARUS KLANZ says:

    aidonia a deh badest bloottklaaatth ting j.o.p

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