BPM 33 – Dj Simplesimon
Day Rave Riddim Mix

Day Rave Riddim Mix

Thursday, 18 August 2016

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Day Rave Riddim featuring :
Mavado – Real Killa ;
Vybz Kartel & JahVinci – WEh Dem A go ;
Bramma – Its Whatever ;
Black Rhyno – Thug Anthem ;
Aidonia – Gyal Say Wooiii ;
Chino – Wine & touch ur toe ;
Elephant Man & Ding Dong – Dip Again ;
Sean Paul – Lace it ;
Voicemail – Tell Dem Fi Gweh ;

Prod. by Stephen "di Genius" McGregor


  1. Squeeky Klean says:

    up and guning….>>>>>

  2. andre isaacs says:

    gabby a dies. skill him

  3. Andre Gunter says:

    rahtid blodcloth riddim

  4. Daran Gilbert says:


  5. Taj Tomlinson says:

    Why people always appreciate music 5 to 10 years ago why you cannot
    appreciate music today. And have a good time. Never miss the water until
    the river run dry. True.

  6. Leon B says:

    These tunes is what we need back in the dancehall. 5 years ago was so much
    better,….smh…rip 2008

    • campcush says:

      international market put pressure on the industry. its mostly the
      international gay community that’s preventing it from getting this hype
      now. record labels and production companies are not allowing the artist to
      put out the same kind of content cuz they dot want to risk backlash.
      samething happened with hiphop that’s why we have all these weirdos on bet
      and mtv over here now

    • Leon B says:

      That’s why we need educated and powerful people in every industry who are
      separate from the MOB mentality perpetrated through just about every avenue
      of media. Who gives a crap about weirdos and their friends in powerful
      places? can you imagine that these bullies with all the wealth are pushing
      everything their own way? Absolutely ridiculous! These artists need to come
      together and create their own label, TV and Radio stations, and boycott the
      established grandfathers stifling the very nature of our lives to the core.

  7. Neisha Mundle says:


  8. simplegeneration says:

    Trip down memory lane. Memba wen mi use to rush go home from skl just fi
    listen dem tunes ya!!! Dancehall did nice dem time ya 

  9. TheDocileGamer says:

    ryno movado and bramma sell it weh

  10. MissSomall x says:

    Heyy do u hve this song on soundcloud tryd to fine it cant find it :(

  11. Reon wilkinson says:

    Ryno vybz aidonia bramma n mavado

  12. Awaken One says:

    black rhyno own dis!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mar Harewood says:

    08-09 in my opinion the best two years of recent dancehall.

  14. Jungliss11 says:

    Still on the gaza but this is movados hardest song gaaaazzzzza straight

  15. RAndomlyEntertained says:

    di beres hammond maaaaaad!!!!!!!!!! beres tek it fi mi

  16. omar jason says:

    Movado gain kill these men here or wah

  17. Al ActionTransport says:


  18. Maria Almendares says:


  19. Randy British says:

    07,08,11…baddest dancehall days

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