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Everything You Need To Know Bout Dj Babu

Everything You Need To Know Bout Dj Babu

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Dj Name: Dj Babu.

Twitter handle: @BossCityDJBabu

Facebook url: https://www.facebook.com/bosscitydjbabu

Mixcrate account: www.mixcrate.com/bosscitydjbabu

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bosscitydjbabu

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/bosscitydjbabu

Phone: +971 55 2551785

Email: vjbabu08@gmail.com

Dj Babu

Dj Babu is a young hardworking, innovative and creative young man who has had, and continues to have, a great passion for music. Since he began Professional Dj’ing in 2010, he lets his audience go through a realm of orgasmic sounds taking them from the old skool right through into the new skool.

His excellent ability to combine different genres of music is one of a kind. Though he is still young in the DJ world, his talent is exceptional and he continues to earn him respect from his fellow peers and also who is who in the industry.

Dj Babu has had the opportunity to work full time in night clubs and play at events all around UAE where he has put his passion and talent into practise. This has been beneficial as it has built on his experience and further helped him learn what and when to play certain genres of music so as to suite his mixed audience at any particular place in time.

His musical influences range from Hip Hop, R&B, Old School, Soul, Funk, Arabic, Retro, AfroBeats, DanceHall, Reggae, Commercial and a bit of everything else. Music business is a very competitive industry and it’s very important as a DJ to stay on top of the game; that’s why he is among the few djs in UAE doing video mixxing.

Dj Babu is known and loved for his outstanding DJ & VJ performances on the turntables.

Some of the nightclubs he has worked in include:

• Sublime Lounge – Ibis Hotel @DWTC

• Infinity – Al Murooj Rotana

• XL Beach Club – Grand Habtoor Hotel

• Kiza Lounge – Chi Lodge

• C-Club – Grand Millenium Hotel

• The Address Hotel – Dubai Marina

• Yacht Parties – Dubai Marina

• The Music Room – Majestic Hotel

• Times Cafe – Royal Ramee Hotel

• Aurora Lounge – Hues Boutique Hotel

• Zephyr Sports Bar – Grand Exelcisior Hotel

• Le Meridian Hotel – Abu Dhabi

• Kiss Club – Burundi

• Fabric Lounge – Doha, Qatar

• Club Wrangler – Bahrain

• Ebony Lounge – Malaysia


Dj Babu continues to learn from his fellow mentor DJ’s and improve on his disc jockey skills. Making everyone happy is not easy but this does not put him down as he always finds a way to unify each of his audiences’ different tastes for music and also introducing them to new music that will get their mind and legs ticking.

His ambition is to break the monotony and bring something fresh into the disc jockey business and music world.


Music = life, dance to the beat and let his skills set you free.


With his strong background in electronics and sound engineering he comes as a complete package.


Here’s some of the most awesome gigs he’s covered so far:


dj babu portfolio

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