BPM 33 – Dj Simplesimon
Joyride Riddim Mix (14 songs) – DJ Riddims

Joyride Riddim Mix (14 songs) – DJ Riddims

Thursday, 01 September 2016

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one of the best riddims of the 90s
forgive the scratching, lol
Joyride Riddim Mix
1.Wayne Wonder ft. Baby Cham – Bashment Girl
2.Baby Cham ft. Mr. Easy – Strange Things
3.Wayne Wonder – Joyride
4.Frisco Kid – Rubbers
5.Beenie Man – Silent Violence
6.Tanya Stephens – Yuh Nuh Ready
7.Ninja Man – Funny Man
8.Pinchers – How Could I
9.Super Cat – Word Sound Power
10.Conroy Smith – Dangerous
11.Alley Cat – Fresh Off The Block
12.Silver Cat – Get Smart
13.Spragga Benz – Hunting
14.Lady Saw – Sycamore Tree


  1. calvin crane says:

    frisco kid rubbers

  2. calvin crane says:

    who’s the guy in the video – the old looking photo ?

  3. Charles Mutero says:


  4. Gafield Lucas says:


  5. SDS Overfiend says:

    Best riddim Evah…….

  6. Rob S says:

    where the orange thief song ?

  7. King “Dee” Charles says:

    Big Tunes Rasta

  8. Sammy Timothy says:

    Das Sammy dread in the 242 Nassau Bahamas !me 1982 just come in this world
    OK now am big 33 !that song i love OK big up to the ones how make it right
    OK !gave thanks to the real big man dam OK muics it’s life it’s just from
    the human heart!jah love

  9. calvin crane says:

    It’s so nice to see a bunch of stories to a ‘riddim’ there is just
    something beautiful about this genre of music reggae dancehall ? ya tell me

  10. Sammy Timothy says:

    WOW that’s fucking nice dread !”love your silf song “good vibes have fun an
    just gurov!man get a sweet nice woman an just move your body %love it
    100%per sent

  11. olivertopple says:

    if you don’t get the joyride, there is literally no hope for you. 

  12. Corey Sayre says:

    DJ Riddim kilt this mix!

  13. INCOG NITO says:

    Some of my best memories come from this mix tape 

  14. Paul Robinson says:

    Mad mix

  15. bull shyt says:


  16. Maria Fordii Ford says:

    Loving da chunnne on a summers day B-)

  17. Kelvin Mangru says:

    What’s the song at 5.40

  18. REBELutionary1 says:

    Top 3 riddims of all time.
    1. Joyride
    2. Stink
    3.Buy Out

    Honorable mention goes to Bruk Out, Showtime, Redbull & Guinness, Diwali

  19. Thebadest says:

    Lol I like the super cat and ninja man pic that night was crazy smh wow
    ever remember that third the bottle in stage get mi gun for me lol 

  20. susan druce says:

    BIG tunes

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