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Like Me Riddim ( Dancehall ) 2009 – Mix By Floer

Like Me Riddim ( Dancehall ) 2009 – Mix By Floer

Thursday, 25 August 2016

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dancehall fi dance wid di gal dem

01.Natel – My Throne
02.Jody-Ann Pantry – Let Me Love You
03.Demarco – Beautiful
04.Voicemail – Little Bit More
06.Keely B – Be True
07.K-Rhyme X – She Want Love
08.Andre And Wadda Blood – Whine for me
09. Hard Drive – Tic Toc
10.Dr. Evil a.k.a. Leftside – Make Money
11.Looga Man – All Inclusive
12.Chedda – Pop Champagne
13.Black Diamon – Gimmi Di Droo
14.Riddim Version


  1. Dareem “sisqo” Noel says:

    Big riddim

  2. TRUE FRIENDZ says:

    For Hard Drive – Tic Toc on this riddem link me up on facebook a me this –

  3. Shanna Byrnes says:

    I love this song

  4. Dareem “sisqo” Noel says:

    i could never get enough

  5. DjMaleek Tha Sounddriver says:

    Floer87 all the way. respect. been listening to this mix for years now. job
    well done

  6. cowboygrillz says:

    wikid mix

  7. SchalkesRaul1904 says:

    Absolutely great man. Thats brilliant that you wrote down the tracklist.
    Thumbs up for that dude!

  8. mcmatijn kalina says:

    nice beat

  9. cowboygrillz says:

    ive mixed this riddim b4 but bt hey, u have mixed it iy betta than ever.
    respect to u. and i mean nff repect for life. keep the riddim alive .man

  10. Kimani Smith says:

    @Floer87 anju blakxx

  11. DENNii91 says:

    this made my day.

  12. cowboygrillz says:

    powerful mix. love it

  13. PirastaSoundsystem says:

    can’t find most of di tunes on this riddim -.-‘ someone got idea ?

  14. Mosi Armstrong says:

    Words can’t describe just how good this riddim is. Makes me wanna go to the
    club and dance all night.

  15. Linda Kras says:

    i like the first song whats the tiel of the first song?? likle bit

  16. MissCandyBayBee1st says:

    i love this riddem! i wonder if i dance to it.

  17. PirastaSoundsystem says:

    @Floer87 there’s no german source to buy di tunes on like me riddim – i
    looked for them…

  18. Floer87 says:

    @PirastaSoundsystem check amazon dat de / com

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