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Listen: Gary Nesta Pine “Thanks and Praise”

Listen: Gary Nesta Pine “Thanks and Praise”

Saturday, 03 September 2016
Hit or Miss

“I’m a messenger from Jah,” says Gary Nesta Pine. “My dad was a postman; I feel like I am the postman of music.”

The long-time leader of NYC’s notorious City Heat band, Pine was blessed to serve as lead vocalist for the legendary reggae band The Wailers for many years, and he’s also collabed with French hitmaker Bob Sinclair.

The singer released a new album titled Revelations on August 26th. Today we proudly play one of the album’s 13 tracks, a musical thing called “Thanks and Praise.”

This maybe the most personal cut on the album, Gary says he’s “just giving thanks and praise to the almighty Rastafari, for the mountains, the birds, the world, the people who influenced my life, the love of my family, his guidance. It’s a prayer from me to God.”


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