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Meet Gully Bop’s New Alleged Girlfriend

Meet Gully Bop’s New Alleged Girlfriend

Monday, 25 January 2016
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Gully Bop may have suffered a broken heart recently when he and his former girlfriend and manager Shauna Chin decided to part ways in a public spectacle. But is seems the “every gyal want a wuk offa me” artiste may have bounce back quickly, this according to a newly uploaded photo of him and an unknown woman kissing which has caused an uproar on social media.

The photos have left many with mix reactions; some are happy he has moved on while some say its too soon and he his still in-love with Shauna and only trying to make her jealous.


“Watch yah there goes another poppy show rass seems like she want to suck out gully bop one teeth”

“enough of him n dem stupid bitches who never wanted him till Chin pick him up n clean him off. gwey dem fi gwey”

“Kiss mi r@ss!!! she a kiss bop like she couldn’t wait pon chin fi fly Suh she could a get fi pitch”

“Bop yuh being silly now!!…wot u trying to prove wid dis! Just do yuh ting man an Lowe di hype ting. U better than dat..!! U don’t need woman like Chin or dis 1 yah to ‘prove’ u movin on. Stay humble, stay bless”

“The things women do for money.. SMdh . imagine a 2 teeth d man have so u know seh him no use tooth brush… Inna him mouth supposed to slimy and dutty and she a suck out all of d germs……jah know har stomach strong bad”

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