BPM 33 – Dj Simplesimon
Overproof Riddim Mix (Just Us-JA Production) (2011)

Overproof Riddim Mix (Just Us-JA Production) (2011)

Monday, 29 August 2016


  1. Shane Thompson says:

    One of the more memorable dancehall riddims this decade

  2. Esco Dey says:


  3. Tinashe Moyo says:

    Mavado = Messi on this riddim

  4. Garth Lewis says:

    One of the baddest riddim to date, R.I.P Roach.

  5. Mugo Gaitho says:

    some riddims will never get old…nostalgic

  6. Ngungi Peter says:

    anyone else being hypnotized by Vybz’ lyrical prowess in 2016?

  7. Lee Much says:

    2016 n stl listening

  8. Hezborn Martin says:

    one of the all time favourite

  9. Robert Ashworth says:

    Daniel Beddingfield tek di riddim

  10. Anthony Blair says:

    I love Wayne Marshall

  11. DdoubleEE AkaDannyLee says:

    check out my song pon mildew riddim ” heat it”..and “just sweat gyal” on
    brit jam riddim…

  12. ashley namatai says:

    rest in peace PATRIC ROACH

  13. Romney Sandro says:

    good music the best mixes

  14. John Doe says:

    mavado was like messi on this riddim he killed it

  15. Xavier Smith says:

    Riddim a the decade!!!

  16. Zeejay Caribbean Prince says:

    This mix is really hot

  17. kadafy 007 says:

    love Jamaica music

  18. abou sanyang says:

    Boooooooooooom, it’s geting into my veins. mad mix

  19. I Coolie baii I says:

    aidonia tek the riddim and demarco but aidonia most yooo

  20. I Coolie baii I says:

    ans shuryne winchester too

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