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Putin T-shirt causes Tension

Putin T-shirt causes Tension

Thursday, 18 February 2016
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The already tense relationship between Russia and Turkey was put under a little more strain after Dmitri Tarasov, of Russian football team Lokomotiv Moscow, removed his game t-shirt to reveal a t-shirt with Putin’s face printed on it. This happened during a European football match versus Turkish side Fenerbahçe, in Istanbul earlier this week.

Needless to say Turkish fans (who were by far the majority) at the stadium booed Mr Tarasov. The text on the T-shirt revers to the President of Russia as “The Polite Leader”, making reference to the nickname of Russian troops who were secretly in Crimea. But Dmitri doesn’t think that its’s ion bad taste. Stating to the media the Putin is his President and the T-shirt was worn as his way of showing patriotism. He added on that he might wear some more ‘Vlad Clad’, but with different text.

In case you were wondering, Turkey won the match 2-0, so if the t-shirt was meant to be a good luck charm Tarasov may want to rethink it.

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