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Renowned African DJ to Perform on Friday – Qatar-Tribune

Renowned African DJ to Perform on Friday – Qatar-Tribune

Wednesday, 03 February 2016

Come Friday, February 5 and all roads will lead to Horizon Manor Hotel where renowned African Deejay will entertain fun lovers at Club Fahrenheit at an event entitled, ‘Famous Fridays’. DJ Kalonje will quench the thirst of many music lovers since the show would be the first of a kind, this year. Given that the event will be themed on Bob Marley’s birthday, the celebrated spin-master is expected to thrill the crowd with plenty of reggae and other genres like hiphop, RnB, house, and Afrobeats during the five-hour show. The show which is expected to draw a large crowd from various nationalities will also feature resident artistes including DJ Edwards and Day 7.

Speaking to Qatar Tribune, one of the organisers said that DJ Kalonje has performed in Qatar over five times because the audience keeps on asking about him and they never get enough of him.

“DJ Kalonje is in great demand and we keep on bringing him again and again. Whenever he is performing he knows the art of keeping the audience glued to the show and keeping the house warm.

“We will keep on bringing him to our audience whenever we get the opportunity. Our fans do not have to travel to Africa to enjoy his performances.”

Joyce Gathoni, one of the fans, said,”I am so excited that one of my favourite DJ will be performing in Doha. Before I came to Qatar, I would attend DJ Kalonje’s shows back home and the shows were enjoyable. I thank the organisers for bringing him here so that we are not left behind, not knowing the latest tunes and dancing styles which are coming up in Africa.”

DJ Kalonje, whose real name is George Waweru, has been performing in different parts of the world including the USA, Australia, Bahrain, Dubai, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya.

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