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‘The Life Of Pablo’ Breaks record for Illegal Downloads

‘The Life Of Pablo’ Breaks record for Illegal Downloads

Friday, 19 February 2016

Kanye West must be losing his mind wherever he is. After thousands of pre-ordered albums went undelivered, music thirsty fans around the world took the matter into their own hands. ‘The Life Of Pable’ has broken the record for most illegally downloaded album. Here’s the kicker; Kanye hasn’t even officially released it for sale yet, and according to a tweet, he never will:


Just one problem with that Kanye, nobody seems to be buying into the Tidal Dream. First of all, Tidal isn’t even available globally, but the rest of the world turns to one invincible group for relief from issues like this: Internet Pirates. 24 Hours after its Feb. 14th release, it had been illegally downloaded over 500,000 times. As of this morning, that figure was up to 1 BILLION illegal downloads. Yes, 1 BILLION, meaning Kanye did win an award for his album, just not the one he wanted. The Life Of Pablo is the most illegally downloaded album in history(At the moment) and in the middle of this mess is Jay-Z’s struggling streaming service, Tidal.

Mr.West pushed fans to subscribe to tidal prior to his album release and it seems that the fans responded. The Tidal app quickly moved to the top of the download chart in the Apple store, seeing an influx of 100,000 subscriptions. Its not surprising that figure isn’t higher. Tidal’s subscriptions are either $10 or $20, and we’re ignoring the free 30-day trial.

The world has spoken Mr. West. This botched release would see the 2nd strike for Tidal after Rihanna’s album ANTI was “leaked” before its official release.

Here’s some fun maths; Kanye was set to sell his album for $20 on his website. If all those downloads had been sales Kanye would indeed be the most successful artist of all time. No more parties in L.A indeed.

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