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Vybz Kartel And His Impact On Dancehall Music

Vybz Kartel And His Impact On Dancehall Music

Wednesday, 11 November 2015
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Surely a lot of you are familiar with the show Empire, a TV drama about the owner and founder of a music empire with three sons and a former wife, that airs on Fox Tv and surely a lot of people are also familiar with Vybz Kartel & Shorty real life story,and could see some similarity among real life and TV fiction. To confirm there may be some truth to the fact that Empire‘s writers could been looking for inspiration toward the island of Jamaica, Fox 5 News, during a segment called “After Empire”, aired a special about reggae & dancehall music.

They featured a quick chat with Junior Reid about the link between reggae dancehall music and rap/hip hop and interviewed briefly Junior Reid, which is a legendary Jamaican artist that often crossed with rap music delivering anthems like One Blood that have been re-sampled so many times.

World Boss Vybz Kartel is also mentioned as a top striker artist that, beside his recent incarceration, keeps recording back to back music remaining relevant and on top of his game and nothing but World Boss music can be heard blasting in the background the whole time. Maddest thing.



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