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Why We Can’t Get Enough of Rihanna-Drake Latest Video

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Rihanna-Drake Latest Video

Wednesday, 24 February 2016
Hit or Miss

Anti is the name of the Rihanna’s new album released on the 28th of January this year. Has the album taken over our playlists? Honestly, no maybe it’s because everything about Anti is different, she has resolved to more of dancehall and soul. However, one thing that we must talk about is her collaboration with Drake on the song that is on everyone’s lips right now, Work!

Am I allowed to say that it wasn’t a banger for me, when I had the first listen? But, my opinion, swiftly changed when Rihanna yesterday night surprised her fans with the video. That was release two videos in one! The first installment — helmed by Director X (of Hotline Bling) features the bad gal with a short bob and a mesh dress as she bumps and grinds on drake, like a real pro! Amongst partygoers getting lit at Toronto restaurant The Real Jerk. Then there is second installment where Director Tim Erem follows up with Rihanna — rocking a long mane and a very interesting sheer top that shows her chest in what looks like a pink basement.

The two scenes in one video was a genius move, that made me understand what he song is all about, in fact it has made the song possess a sensual feel, that was clearly absent.

It is actually a huge milestone for Rihanna who is now third all-time on the list of artists to be numbered on the Hot 100 on the Billboard, beating Michael Jackson (13) and now only Mariah Carey (18) and The Beatles (20) stand before her.

After all these mystery, I feel that I really need to work on my dancing and look for a drake, who will give at list two minutes of pure chemistry!

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